Sat, 9 July 2011

RyanA Watched Penguindrum (Episode 1)

Tempt fate, win death, and master interstellar magic: Brilliant Kink. With a more engaged second viewing, the experience went from amusing to thorough intrigue with ease. The style, theming, and sex appeal drives attraction while screaming cabaret, and the first episode is perhaps a sample of the stage. Neither reason nor explanation is necessary when riding with this kind of bewitching.

I'll label the "vividness" I noticed early on illusory in that I can distinctly point out when the color contrast brings about a subconscious rage in my vision: raspberry, magenta, or a similar shade is used in nearly every scene, but also many lines, which are typically a variation of monochrome, happen to be highlighted with a raspberry, lime, or blue curacao color. It's the kind of thing that is mentally processed on the low, but sends off a seemingly mysterious signal of vibrance. A closer look at some more obvious lines.

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